"Musical magic... insightful repartee to challenge your mind, and infinitely versatile, ethereal voice sure to touch your heart and an offbeat sense of humor guaranteed to tickle your funny bone." - The Music Times

When Shawn was only six years old he proudly proclaimed to his father that when he grew up, he was going to be a musician. His father replied to his son, in no uncertain terms, that he had better make up his mind one way or the other because he couldn't do both. Alas, his father was right. Shawn has steadfastly chosen to stay a kid at heart all these years and his ever expanding circle of loyal fans wouldn't have it any other way!

Singing literally before he could walk, Shawn's love of music was nurtured by his mother, a wonderfully talented musician in her own right. Utilizing his abilities as a multi-talented instrumentalist as well as a remarkable singer and storyteller, Shawn brings a uniquely ecletic combination of music to every venue. He weaves a warm, expressive voice, intricate keyboard and guitar stylings with a slightly warped sense of humor and a lightning-fast wit allowing his upbeat performances to appeal to a remarkably diverse audience, transcending both age and cultural boundaries.

As of 2003, he has performed for over 10,000 events in 27 countries, including a myriad of festivities from children's shows, senior citizen programs, church, school and charity fund raisers as well as hundreds of corporate and private functions and concerts as varied as his music.

Sporting an amazing diversity of experience, from growing up as a young boy in the heartland of America to working as a stockbroker for a major Wall Street brokerage firm; from an owner of a successful chain of music stores to one of the Midwest's busiest entertainers, Shawn brings a sincerity and focus to every show rarely seen in other performers. He has worked with such great artists as Mel Torme, Buddy Rich, Jeffrey Baxter (founder of the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan) and Gordon Lightfoot as well as sharing the stage with such world class performers as Judy Collins, Joni and Chuck Mitchell, The Dale Warland Singers and members of Johnny Lange's band, Chicago, and The Beach Boys.

He was elected 2003 "Artist of the Year" by the Minnesota Association of Professional Entertainers. His song, "Minstrel", has been nominated as 2003 song of the year in the John Lennon Songwriter's Competition, and his tribute to 9/11 entitled, "A September Eulogy" has received extensive critical acclaim. In addition, Shawn won the American Songwriter's Competition as well as touring extensively throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. He has also performed as feature artist at many national and regional music festivals, state and county fairs, education seminars and local, regional, and national fund-raising events.

Shawn's deep-rooted commitment to his music reflects an almost infinite variety of styles. On any evening his listeners may bask in the warm waves of his voice as Shawn weaves an appalachian melody or cool off with his unique twist on a jazz standard. Swing, classical, country or rock & roll... You never know what melodic delight he might pull out from his musical picnic basket next. One thing you will know -- it'll be tasty.


J. SHAWN SWEENEY[Picture]MUSIC THAT TICKLES[Picture]P.O. BOX 120873[Picture]NEW BRIGHTON, MN 55122[Picture]612-578-5389[Picture]EMAIL: shawn@musicthattickles.com