Singer, Musician, Humorist, Author

In a world that has come to promote sameness above creativity, endless sequels over originality and a bland, soulless fast food mentality to almost every human endeavor, J. Shawn Sweeney provides a refreshing, eccentric alternative to the cookie cutter approach so prevalent in our cellular society.

Combining an exquisitely expressive and flexible voice, a wonderful and evocative musical timing and an offbeat and, yes, somewhat warped sense of humor, Shawn provides you, his listener, with a wonderful musical experience guaranteed to touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.

If you combined Garrison Keillor, Michael Feinstein, James Taylor, Mel Torme, Mark Russell and Pee Wee Herman'd never get them all in a Volkswagen!

"Some people are just born lucky. I have to admit that I consider myself one of those people. Not only have I been lucky enough to have been blessed by that birth defect called music but I have been rewarded with the opportunity to make my living within this business called music."


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